Survivalism is a movement involving emergency preparation and training for differing situations in which one's ability to cope would depend on their skills and/or supplies. Those placing particular emphasis on survivalism are referred to as survivalists. Survivalists may focus on physical preparation (such as bodybuilding), mental preparation (such as learning and practicing skills conductive to survival in emergency situations), material preparation (such as stocking up on supplies), and other forms of preparation.

Wilderness survivalismEdit

Wilderness survival is a particularly popular theme among survivalists. Wilderness survivalists often put what they learn into practice in campouts, where they demonstrate techniques for making campfires and building shelters.

Urban survivalismEdit

A less appreciated form of survivalism is urban survivalism, which is often practiced in anticipation of finding one's self in an unfamilar urban setting, either homeless or displaced. It often involves finding safe places to sleep in cities and finding unlikely sources of food to hold one's self over until they could find more stability.


See article: Prepper

A prepper is a survivalist that places particular emphasis on material preparation in anticipation of natural disasters or other emergencies. Preppers often stockpile food and water, and build "bug-out bags" or 72-hour survival kits to have prepared to save them the time it would take to put such kits together in the event of an emergency.