Pocket notebook

A pocket notebook is a bundle of stationery that is sized for portability. Typical examples include pocket planners or personal journals, and popular pocket notebooks include those of the "Moleskine" brand. There are also varieties with water-resistant pages.


Pocket notebooks are typically purchased blank, thus a person can use them for writing, drawing, or numerous other uses, either practical or fun. Such uses include:

  • Recording personal measurements such as shoe sizes, waist measurements, clothing sizes, and other personal information one may have trouble remembering.
  • Store phone numbers.
  • Store email addresses.
  • Making mental notes, reminders, grocery lists, etc.
  • Writing up reference pages relevant to one's trade, such as a color-coded chart for resistor values for electronic engineers, notation reference for mathematicians, etc.
  • If interested in mint tin projects, scale drawings of a mint tin's dimensions can help determine what items may fit in a mint tin kit.
  • Some notebooks may have a ruler printed in the inside cover. If not, a ruler can be copied to a page so it can be used if the ruler itself is unavailable.
  • Make a variable resistor with a mechanical pencil.
  • For fun, list the items you would want to have with you if stranded on a desert island.
  • Write up some imperial to metric conversion.
  • Draw up the floor plan to your dream home. This is challenging to do with the small pages!
  • Sketch things. It can be trees, squirrels, people, an idea for an abstract painting, manga characters, numerous things can be sketched.
  • If you're in the wilderness and you need something combustible, some paper in your notebook can do in a pinch.
  • If you, like MacGyver, can find numerous uses for paper clips, a pocket notebook is a nice way to carry a few around.
  • Using a pencil, you can make outlines of coins, leaves, or other textured items.
  • If you get an idea for an addition to your blog, you can write it down. Having an idea written down can help recall it.
  • You can keep a $20 bill in it. It may sound strange, but carrying a $20 bill in a pocket notebook can motivate one into carrying it around with him, and if you make the mistake of forgetting to take money with you or withdraw some cash from an ATM, you'll at least have $20 on you. Also, finding it in your notes after you've forgotten about it can be a pleasant surprise.
  • Pinch origami medium.

And there are many other things that can be done with it.