Paper clips

A paper clip is an office supply intended for the adhesion of paper through friction. Because it can be used for a number of unintended purposes, it is a favorite item of MacGyver.

Paper clip usesEdit

There are a number of unintended uses for paper clips, such as:

  • Picking locks.
  • Ejecting CDs or DVDs from certain CD or DVD players or computers when they are powered off.
  • Thin ones can also be used to remove the SIM card from an iPhone.
  • Can be folded a certain way to become a stand for a cell phone.
  • Can be fashioned into tweezers.
  • Can be used as a pin.
  • One can make sculptures out of them, either by themselves or with other office supplies such as binder clips.
  • May be used to pop keys out of certain keyboards to clean them.
  • Can replace the tabs on zippers.
  • Chain mail can be fashioned from them (it would take a lot of paper clips).
  • If the Microsoft paper clip character annoys you, you can relieve the tension by taking it out on a real paper clip.
  • Can be used to fashion a noise-making booby trap to alert you that someone is approaching.