Nerd Glasses

Unusually large glasses are considered nerdy.

A nerd (plural: "nerds") is a person who loses himself in a craft, often inconsequential, usually at the expense of things like family, friends, work, school, and hygiene. Nerds are often mistakenly referred to as "geeks", however, there is a difference between the two. While geeks generally have useful technical knowledge, the focus of a nerd's attention is usually on things that are of lesser consequence.

A nerd's possible focuses can be on movies, video games, television programming, role playing games, comic books, anime, manga, and many other things. A film nerd, for example, can have plenty of knowledge on film trivia, which is of almost no real benefit to anyone, even frequent moviegoers. That's not to say that nerds are dumb, they can sometimes be quite smart, but they tend to use their brains as databases for mostly useless information. Because of this, nerds can often be found underemployed, even though they could probably learn some useful skills without much problem.

Identifying a nerdEdit

Many of the signs of a nerd don't necessarily solidly identify them. Signs of possible nerdhood can include:

  • Hanging around the anime section of a video store, or the manga section of a book store.
  • Wearing a t-shirt that advertises a nerdy craft of choice.
  • Carrying more than one portable video game system around.
  • The person discusses at length a craft of choice associated with nerdhood.
  • A person often spends several hours in a day on a nerdy craft of choice.