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The Second Official Manly Manual.

Mr. Manly is a radio personality and the name of a syndicated radio show starring Colom Keating as Mr. Manly.

Mr. Manly radio showEdit

The radio show was started in 1989. Each segment of the show is only minutes long, during which Mr. Manly introduces himself and puts his listener's manliness to the test by placing them in a hypothetical scenario. He would then open a "Manly Manual" while giving a lesson number (usually a high number, suggesting that there may have been thousands of such lessons). Mr. Manly then reads off a list of possible responses to the scenario. He then describes the likely consequences of the scenario, followed by his assertion that anyone involved "would have no doubts as to what kind of man you really are."

In the year 1993, the Manly Manual was published. It is believed that when the Mr. Manly show aired in Utah, the web personality Maddox was inspired to write The Alphabet of Manliness.

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