Men (singular: man) are people of the male gender. Men generally possess a set of characteristics that set them apart from women, such as greater height and weight, more muscle mass, a larger skeletal structure (with features such as broader shoulders), and larger hands and feet. Socially acceptable features of men include shorter hair, clothing with less noticeable colors, and facial hair.


Each man is an individual, therefore each one will have a unique personality and set of preferences. Generally, men emphasize strength, ruggedness, preparedness, and technical expertise. It is not unusual to observe that men can be macho or possess a strong libido. Men also have a tendency to be industrious and entrepreneurial. This could be said to come from a desire to subdue and bring order to the world around them.

It is generally expected that men be assertive. Men that are less assertive are often less respected than those that are more so.


In terms of appearance, men place less emphasis on fashion than women, thus a man's clothing choices focus on what's practical and comfortable. On any given day that a man has little or no formal arrangements, a man will typically wear a shirt and jeans from his dresser drawer. On work days, it's suitable for men to wear pants or khakis with a button-up shirt. Formal occasions often include a coat that matches the pants, and a tie.


Men generally have a differing set of preferences as compared to women, such as having higher preference for savory food items such as steak, higher assertiveness, and favoring function over form. Therefore, manlier tools often lack decoration; the design of such items focus on what's practical.