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A handkerchief (a.k.a.: hankie) is a cloth for carrying in one's pocket.


Handkerchiefs have a number of uses:

  • They can be used to wipe one's nose. It may seem gross to reuse it throughout the day, however, handkerchiefs are usually large enough to provide ample fresh spots throughout the day.
  • A man can carry a second handkerchief on him and keep it fresh to offer to a lady-friend for comfort (such as to wipe away tears). It may help to assure her that the handkerchief is fresh.
  • Can be used as a sweat rag.
  • Can be used to filter some impurities from water.
  • Can be folded for use as a quick coaster.
  • If you make a mess, a handkerchief can be used to quickly clean it up.
  • If you wear glasses, dirt and dust can be wiped away with a handkerchief.
  • A handkerchief can be used to cover something you want to quickly conceal.
  • Can be worn as a bandanna or do-rag.
  • If you lose the rest of your clothing to spontaneous combustion, the handkerchief, if left undamaged, can be used for modesty purposes as you walk off sideways (bonus if a friend has a xylophone handy and can synchronize notes with your footsteps).

Handkerchief inventory[]

It is recommended that a handkerchief carrying man have around 7 or 8 handkerchiefs in his collection. With this number, a man can carry a fresh handkerchief (or two) each day for a reasonable amount of time before they can be washed in the laundry.