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An iPhone.

A cell phone is a communications device that operates by relaying radio transmissions between devices using communication towers. Cell phones can have a variety of features, including texting, checking email, a web browser, video recording, telling the time, as well as making phone calls, and a number of other features. Many modern cell phones contain substantial processors and can run computer programs referred to as "applications". Such cellular phones are referred to as "smart phones".

Cell phones come in various designs and can have various interface options. Among these are slide-out keyboards and keypads, touch screens, virtual keyboards, or a small "track pad".

Because of numerous features available to cell phones, they are seen as indispensible, considered a staple in the modern world. Cell phones were initially available to wealthier individuals, and those with them were seen as having a kind of "executive" appeal. However, over time cellular phones became more affordable, making them more accessible to the public. Today, cell phones are ubiquitous, it's easy to find cell phone users of nearly all age groups. Cell phones have gotten a bit of a bad reputation recently, as people have become so distracted by them that they may give insufficient attention to more immediate matters, such as interpersonal relationships, work, school, and even the vehicle that one may happen to be commandeering.

Cell phones and the male identity[]

There is a growing concern that men's repeated use of cell phones may be costing men their masculinity, as men express a growing dependency on these devices to look up and tell them how to accomplish tasks like changing tires, or using apps to help them cook steaks. It's considered manlier to know how to do things, rather than rely heavily on devices. It's not unmanly to use devices for certain tasks, but an overdependance on certain ones can be, in some cases, unmanly.